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Seven Pines Kennel, building
Seven Pines Kennel is located in Hawkins, Texas and licensed by the State of Texas and registered with the DEA/DPS. Our services include: 
  • Importing of Malinois and Dutch Shepherds
  • Deployment of man/dog security teams
  • Training and sales of police service dogs
  • Training, sales and deployment of drug detector dogs
  • Training and sales of personal protection dogs
  • Training and sales of commercial guard dogs

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Seven Pines Kennel, Guy Powell

Guy Powell got his start in dogs as a Vietnam dog handler assigned to SOG. After returning to the states, Guy became one of the last U.S. Army MWD trainers before the DOD contract got awarded to the U.S. Air Force. After his ETS from the military, Guy became the general manager of Southwestern Police Dog Academy in Houston, Texas. For the next 10 years he oversaw the operation of the southwest's oldest and largest police dog facility. 

 This kennel supplied dogs to the U.S. Border Patrol and Customs Department as well as law enforcement agencies worldwide, and was the first kennel in the southwest to deploy drug detector dogs in the public school system. Exemplified many times over were the words written on a plaque which stood by the facility's front door, "Through these doors pass the finest trained police dogs in the world".
Sadly, after almost 40 years of continuous operation, the facility closed in 1987 due to the owner's death. Since that time Guy has spent 7 years as a full-time police canine trainer, handler, and unit supervisor. He, and his police service dog, had the distinction of being the only police canine unit from the State of Alabama to perform security for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Georgia. In addition to this, Guy has 7 years experience as the owner/operator of a Texas state licensed dog training facility. During this time he has trained and supplied dogs for law enforcement and civilian usage, managed the operation of man/dog security teams, and  trained and deployed a large number of commercial guard dogs. Guy serves as a part-time instructor of police canine activities for an area police academy and has experience in the highly specialized area of dog handling for high  risk security operations such as union organized strikes and executive protection. He also has management experience in this area, and can organize security teams for such operations.


Judith Powell Judith van Heugten-Powell, a native of the Netherlands, was the office manager for the KNPV (Royal Dutch Police Dog Association) from 1986-1997. As such, Judith  oversaw the day to day activities for the 8,500 plus member organization. During that time she was also an  active trainer/competitor in the program having titled a dog to the level of PH1, and was fortunate enough to train with and learn from some of the top KNPV trainers. 
She is one of the most knowledgeable and ethical importers of Dutch police service dogs in the U.S. and has authored several articles concerning ethics in the sale and exportation of dogs from the Netherlands. Finally, gaining from her experience of raising and training young dogs for the Dutch police, Judith heads our specialized breeding program for Malinois and Dutch Shepherds known as van Neerland Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.


Rudie van der Heide

Rudie van der Heide joined the KNPV in 1980, became a regional decoy in 1988 and a nationally certified decoy soon after that. He decoyed the 1999 Object Guard Nationals. Rudie titled 4 dogs in PH 1, 1 for a PH 2 and 2 dogs for an Object guard title. He is currently training a young female malinois.

Rudie has started a new business, making bite suits. We know he will do very well in this venue, due to his extensive knowledge as a decoy.


We can still count on him to hand select suitable dogs for us in Holland.


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